Sunday, April 6, 2014


     Wow! What a long winter! My mom and I are so glad it's finally Spring. We are definitely looking forward to all the Spring and Summer colors giving us lots of inspiration for the yarn and roving in our shop.
Tye Dye Grape

     In march we added some new yarn, Pan for Gold, Tye Dye Grape, and Flamingo Orange. For April we have plans to dye more yarn and add some new fantastic colors. I just finished a dye lesson on over dying with my mom and she has let me loose to dye on my own! I've very excited to try something new. She has been a great teacher and I'm looking forward to sharing colors and techniques with her as I start this new adventure. Of course if you would like to dye your own yarn, you can check out our shop for various types of yarn just for that purpose.

Ginger Superfine Merino 19 Micron

     Also in March we added some new fabulous roving colors. The Superfine Merino 19 Micron Leaf roving from Ashland Bay was a big hit. I've never felt anything so soft and the coloring of these rovings are just beautiful. I know my mom has been itching to get some onto her spinning wheel. We have Orchid and Ginger along with a couple of the Leaf left of the Superfine Merino 19 Micron.


     To celebrate that it's finally Spring we thought it would be fun to have a finally Spring sale. Use coupon code FINALLYSPRING and receive 10% off your purchase through April 13, 2014.

     We are excited about the things to come for Lil Bit of Heaven Fibers. For more frequent updates you can follow us on Facebook. My mom and I look forward to the next few months of dying yarn and adding more of my mom's personal stock to our shop. We hope you enjoy the fabulous colors and different types of fibers we offer, but of course we can't carry everything. If there is something you are looking for let us know and we will work together to find what you need.  

     Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Spring!